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Noiseblocker Case

Concept Drawings (based on the 1398 layout)


Here is a picture of the case from the front. There is one exposed 5.25" bay. I have drawn a CD drive in it. The door covering the other three 5.25" bays is lockable, so to prevent access to the CD drive, put the blank bezel piece into the exterior 5.25" bay and put the CD behind the locking door. I think the power and reset buttons may need to be moved in there as well, but the LEDs should stay on the exterior of the front panel. The power LED should be blue, and the HDD LED should be orange. The case and mot of the front bezel are black, but the metal plates with the drilled holes should be made from either aluminum or nickel-plated steel. Hot case air exhausts from both the front and back of the top vent holes. The top panel of the case is removable for easy access to the fans and damping material, and so is the bottom panel. The external 3.5" drive bay may be loaded with a floppy or zip drive, or just left blank.


Here is a picture of the case from the rear, loaded with a Nexus NX-3000 silent power supply (just to show something there). There are extra vent slots (besides those that feed the fans) to make up for the pressure difference that will be created by the PSU fan. The slots right below the PSU and next to the side release lever may be blocked with a metal panel which may be screwed in from the inside as an option if the CPU cooler is not cool enough and must have its noise blocked. (note 4 screw holes and bad pun). There are front and rear intakes and exhausts, allowing for great airflow flexibility. The extra vent holes down near the expansion slots (below the side release lever) also serve the same function as the one near the power supply to allow pressure equalization in the case. You will notice that on either side of the power supply is a notch where the vent hood proposed by 1398's original design may be installed as an aftermarket option.